<p>L'Oreal's latest innovation in nail polish: nail oil has finally arrived!</p>

L'Oreal's latest innovation in nail polish: nail oil has finally arrived!

by Paige Exell -

L'Oreal Paris is innovating once again with a new range of nail polish: their very first nail polish enriched with a blend of precious oils. It may haven taken eight years of laboratory research to finally develop this new formula, but you'll soon find that was definitely worth the wait.

So, what's the secret that makes this polish so extraordinary? It's infused with millions of precious oils and intense colour pigments that create extreme shine and powerful colour in one coat. The oils nourish the nails in order to avoid damaging them, so that you can go on with your busy life without worrying about the state of your nails!


More than just your average polish, L'Oreal's new creation contains oil that is essential to keratin, a fibrous protein that forms the main structural constituent of both hair and nails, and helps to heal and provide treatment for the nails. However, it's still important that you apply a base coat prior to nail colour in order to protect the nail as well.


To celebrate the launch of this new, innovative product, L'Oreal gave its polish bottle a serious facelift. The colour shades are available in a quilted bottle that resembles the look of jewels or a high-end perfume bottle – which perfectly suits the new, fragrant polish collection! Once the polish has dried on your nails, it gives off a soft, subtle scent.


One of the best things about this new collection? It contains a patented flexi brush for the easiest, most precise application (no more cleaning excess polish off your fingers!). The wide fan shaped brush with over 400 bristles allows for a precise and quick application to the nail and is drip-resistant to help achieve a perfect finish.


The new collection comes in 22 intense and captivating shades from white and soft pinks for the summer, to black, grey, and classic reds when Autumn rolls around. There's no doubt that you'll definitely find the perfect shade for you!


L'Oreal's new collection is applied just like any regular polish, but with a much easier process! To start, file your nails to your desired shape and buff the bed of your nail to ensure it's smooth. Then, apply your favourite Colour Riche Vernis A L'Huile shade, making sure not to let the formula touch the edges of your cuticles. Let the colour dry for about 2 minutes, and voila! You've achieve beautiful, shiny nails!


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