Interview with Laetitia Guarino: she shares her beauty secrets!

Laetitia Guarino interview: she shares her beauty secrets!

by Florence Valencourt -

Laetitia Gaurino, Miss Switzerland and L'Oréal Paris ambassador, walked the red carpet of The Sea of Trees premiere on May 16. After that, we just knew this beautiful brunette must have some great beauty tips, so we decided to ask her!

Get the Look: Among this season's hottest colors, which lipstick shade is your favorite?

I don't often wear red, I feel it's a bit too much on me, but this summer I think I'll try a little orange. It's tropical! I'm sure on tanned skin it looks great.

GTL: Would you dare try underliner or colored liner?

Sure, why not? It's diffrent, unique, youthful and fresh.

GTL: What has been your most daring makeup look, or which one would you like to try?

Actually, I would really like to try underliner!

Personally, I didn't really know how to do my makeup very well before so I didn't wear a lot of it, but now that I'm a spokesperson I love putting in a few drops of bronzing serum in my foundation to give my skin a natural, subtle glow!

I'd also like to try a "halo" smoky eye, where the product is applied all the way around the eye and then buffed out at the edges.

GTL: Which recent product from L'Oréal Paris do you love most?

My top three: bright lipstick, bronzer, and mascara.

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