Maximum volume lashes at Mulberry.

Larger-than-life lashes, spring beauty trend

by Hannah Ikin -

One of our favourite spring beauty trends this year has to be maximum volume lashes. Ever since designers pushed the trend at London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014, we've seen it grow and grow.

To the Max

The big lashes trend was made popular in the 1960s when Twiggy championed the look. Since then, it's stood the test of time and is a look that is still worn by the famous and fabulous on a regular basis. We can't blame them: long, fluttery lashes are super flattering. It allows you to draw attention to your eyes, without having to use any glitter or bold colours to do so (that's a story for another day!)

This trend is definitely one of the most wearable spring looks out there but, before you go crazy with that mascara wand, check out our three golden rules below:

1. Let your lashes do this talking

Don't bother with jazzy eyeshadow or any fussy decoration for your eyelids, this look is all about the lashes. A subtle amount of kohl eyeliner on the waterline should do the trick.

2. Go OTT

We know that we usually insist that less is more but this trend is about dramatic volume so more is more rules. Load up those lashes! Three is this magic number, apply three coats of mascara and you'll get the perfect clumpy-chic look!

3. Go long

In order to make the most of your lash length, start right from the root of your lashes and continue up to the ends. Don't forget the lashes at the corners of your eyes, either, as they really help to open up those peepers.

So there you have it, a hot new beauty trend for spring and some top tips to guide you. Use them wisely!

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