Lea Michele opted for a baby pink gown to die for on the occasion of the Golden Globes in Los Angeles, on November 29th, 2012.

Lea Michele, Get The Look celebrates her birthday with 10 of her best looks!

by Sandra Da Silva -

L'Oréal Paris' ambassador Lea Michele just celebrated her 27th birthday on August 29th. One more candle on the birthday cake for the actress who made her name on the popular TV show "Glee".

She is now one of the lucky celebs representing beauty giant L'Oréal Paris. We think it is a good pairing, Lea consistently shows off good taste in fashion through her beautiful and glamourous outfits.

Here's a slideshow of 10 of Lea's best red carpet looks... we think she is a real source of style inspiration!

Our top three:

- We love the baby pink gown she was wearing at the Golden Globes in 2012. It was a very good mix between femininity and glamour... but also sexiness! Lea Michele was simply stunning with her low-cut neckline and her high slit dress.

- We have to admit that we have a crush on the princess dress that she was wearing for the Screen Actors Guild Awards on January 27th, 2013. Designed by Valentino, the gown fitted her very well. With the bold color and the perfect cut of her dress, she was definitely the best-looking woman on the red carpet...

- We also loved the flashy yellow outfit that she was wearing at one hip party in LA. She dared to wear a color that does not fit everybody, and she did it with success. She matched her manicure to her outfit for a flawless look to the tip of her nails.

We wish our beauty ambassador a happy birthday!

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