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Lea Michele: hairstyles for square faces

What do celebrities Sandra Bullock , Jennifer Anniston and Lea Michele all have in common?

Their faces!

Sure they might not look exactly the same, but all three of these beautiful superstars has a very specific face shape: square. People born with square-shaped faces have to be careful when deciding how to style their hair. So here are a few helpful hair ideas for all those Sandras, Jennifers and Leas out there...

Think bangs

Lea's signature hairstyle is instantly recognizable. But there's strategy behind her style: sideswept bangs , or ones like Lea's which get longer towards the temples, are very flattering to angular faces. They should stop just below the brow in order to soften the hard angles.

The right bob

Long bobs are great, as long as they are soft. An angled bob, which is shorter at the back than the front, will also help elongate the appearance of square faces. Think Kiera Knightley circa 2011.

Mid-length waves

Kate Moss is another square-faced beauty. Her hairstyle (tousled mid-length waves) helps to soften her angular jawline. Don't be afraid to add more volume and waves to mid-length hair: the more you distract from the sharp angles of your face, the more your hairstyle will flatter you.

(Probably not a good idea)

The severe, pulled-back ponytail . Unless you want to deliberately show off your angular, square face, it can sometimes be too much. That being said, if you feel you can pull it off, there's no reason not to.

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