Lily Allen at the BRIT Awards

Lily Allen's lavender nail art: celebrity inspiration!

British singer Lily Allen has never been the shy, retiring type. She's known for her fearlessness and blunt attitude when it comes to the glitzy world of Fame. But she's a girly girl nonetheless, and loves nothing more than putting on a sparkly dress, colorful makeup and high heels for an awards party. So it came as no real surprise that she was spotted at the BRITS (British Music Awards) in a figure-hugging glittery dress, crazy yellow and black hair, and some gorgeous lavender-colored nail art:

Pastel doesn't have to be prim!

Pastel-colored nails are huge this season. Forget your preconceptions of lavender, mint green and powder blue as boring, wishy-washy shades. Lily shows us that a light color can look edgy, it just depends on how you use it. Lupita Nyong'o is also a big fan (and whatever Lupita does is automatically on-trend. Fact.)

If you look at Lily's nails, you'll see that the lunula part of her nails (the white part at the base) have been shaped in a graphic triangular shape. It's super easy to do yourself:

Start with a base coat, let it dry, then place a triangular piece of aluminum foil over the bottom of your nail, and apply the lavender shade to your nails. When the lavender is dry, peel off the aluminium in a downwards direction, and voilà! The base coat will remain visible on the area where the foil was covering the nail.

If you're looking for really standout nails, use a bolder color like peacock blue or bright orange. You could also contrast two different colors, by applying a second layer of color over the base coat before covering the nail with foil. You don't have to stick to triangles, either - check this article on how to get a graphic two-tone nail art look. The world is your oyster!

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