<p>Lived in hair: the colour trend that will cut your salon visits in half</p>

Lived in hair: the colour trend that will cut your salon visits in half

by Paige Exell -

When embarking on a new hair colour (especially blonde), you're pretty much guaranteed to be hitting up the salon (or the box dye section of the drug store) regularly in order to maintain your new 'do. Frequent touch-ups and regular trims are a must in order to keep up the style and maintain healthy hair – but they don't always compliment our bank accounts.

That's why we're happy to introduce a hair trend that will not only cut down your trips to the salon, but save your wallets, too. Meet lived-in hair colour, a new way of highlighting and blending that allows the colour to grow out naturally.


The process for achieving beautiful lived-in hair is fairly extensive, taking almost six hours to complete – but the catch is that you only have to sit through this once or twice per year. The technique involves highlighting the whole head, lifting or bleaching the hair, depositing the colour, and creating a fake root. The fake root will allow your hair to grow out naturally and blend into the rest of your hair without giving you blunt roots.

The colour is then replicated on top of certain strands to match the new base colour – and to avoid harsh roots as the hair grows out. The final outcome looks similar to balayage, a technique that is accomplished by painting the outside perimeter of the hair.


Although it's great that this trend allows us to cut trips to the salon in half, the best part about the lived-in look is that it works with every hair hue. The one thing to remember? Don' try this technique yourself. It takes a colourist to deliver the kind of hair colour that will last six to seven months.

So, give your hair and your bank account a break and ask about lived-in hair on your next trip to the salon! Would you try the trend?

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