Lucy Hale at American Rag's "All Access" campaign at Macy's on June 14, 2014

Lucy Hale: beautiful golden makeup at "All Access" campaign

Celebrating her 25th birthday, PLL actress and singer Lucy Hale performed at Macy's for American Rag's "All Access" campaign. Her sunkissed makeup worked perfectly with her super cute burnt orange jumpsuit.

If you're looking for a seasonally-appropriate makeup look which isn't over-the-top, but just enough to bring a gorgeous golden glow to your eyes, and make you stand out from the crowd, Lucy's look is what you're after. Here are 3 simple steps to copy her style:

Golden Girl

Step one:

A mattifying foundation will give you the perfect base onto which you should sweep bronzer (across the forehead and down the cheekbones), gradually building up the intensity to ensure even coverage, and avoid ending up a more 'Tangoed' than 'sunkissed' look. Finish your complexion with some coral-tinted blush using a large, soft-bristled brush.

Step two:

It looks like Lucy has two colors on her lips: a rose base shade, covered with a glittery orange-coral lip gloss. This is a good idea for evenings out: even if your gloss rubs off, the base color will stay on. A tip is to match your gloss with your blush to stay within an overall makeup color palette.

Step three:

So simple, yet so effective! Lucy's golden smoky eye uses two colors: a shimmery taupe on the inner half of her lid, which blends into a copper shade on the outer half. A thin line of black liquid liner along the upper lashes, and some brown kohl along the waterline, will define your eyes. Beef up those brows, and you're done!

Top tip: Lucy's makeup looks extra-special because it brings out the gold tones of her ombre hair. Make sure you think about your hair color when choosing a makeup look.

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