We <3 retro looks!

Mad Men returns! Our best retro fashion and beauty tips!

If we've been talking about Mad Men a lot lately, it's because we kind of can't wait for the Season 7 premiere this Sunday, April 13th. Seriously, we're so excited! Aside from the fact we've been following the show's characters for years now, we also greatly appreciate the weekly dose of retro fashion and beauty inspiration.

Whether you're throwing a Mad Men season premiere party (we might be...) or simply want to find a few new ways to incorporate a retro vibe to your look (yep, that too), we've got you covered!


If you want to try out 60's fashion, keep in mind that silhouettes were either loose and boxy (like a shift dress) or form-fitting (like a wiggle dress). Consider clothing items with clean lines, nothing too frilly, and short hemlines! Mini skirts and dresses were a huge trend at the time. Feel free to add visual interest to your outfit by employing bright pops of color to your look or opting for prints such as floral prints, paisley, geometric, or plaid. For a monochrome look, opt for colors that are super saturated for a bold look.

Accessories were also hugely important. For footwear, kitten heels and pointed toes were hugely popular at the time. A good headscarf can definitely add an air of 60's glamour to your look, as can oversized sunglasses (a la Jackie O).

Hair + beauty

1960s hair and beauty looks are quite a bit more polished than those of today. Back then, women either wanted perfectly sculpted curls or ultra sleek locks, but both had something in common: lots of volume! Learn how to backcomb and learn it well, gals, because you'll definitely be employing this technique time and time again for a retro hairstyle. Speaking of, have you tried a beehive hairstyle yet?

For beauty, go with heavy eyes and nude lip. You virtually can't go wrong with a cat eye look and there are many variations of the classic that you can try. Eyebrows, too, should be thicker and more defined, so have a look at our tutorial for tricking your way into bold brows.

There you have it- our guide to retro beauty. Enjoy!

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