Makeup basics: how to mask dark under eye circles

Makeup basics: our top tips for masking dark eye circles

Dark under-eye circles are never a welcome sight; whether it's genetics, age, or a lack of sleep, that pesky blue tint can really keep you from looking put together and in charge! Luckily, there are a few easy things you can do to brighten your eye area and we've got them all right here!

Bye bye, dark circles!

1. Stay hydrated

While you should be drinking those recommended 8 glasses a day (you are, aren't you?), that's not exactly what we had in mind. Incorporating a rich and nourishing eye cream into your daily skincare regimen will keep the skin under your eyes (which is the thinnest and therefore most prone to signs of ageing) hydrated.

2. Choose the right corrector

Color corrector does exactly what it sounds like: corrects the color under your eyes by adding warmth. If your dark circles are blue, opt for a salmon colored corrector, or if your dark circles are brown, opt for a pink tint. As corrector is often thick in formula, it's best to apply it over a thin layer of moiturizer, and remember to tap the product in rather than smooth it over.

3. Choose the right concealer

There are plenty of concealer formulas out there to choose from and the best for dark circles is cream. Thick enough to offer medium to heavy coverage, a creamy concealer should be applied in an upside-down triangle shape to create the optical illusion you have light shining down from above! Bright and beautiful!

4. Brighten your look

Illuminator doesn't just do wonders for your cheekbones! When applied to the inner corners of the eyes and arches of the brows, the product will reflect light and brighten the eye area. You can then add an extra dose of brightness to your eyes with a nude shimmery shadow in sand, pink or champagne!

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