Three different looks for your Oscars themed party!

Makeup ideas for an Oscars party!

If you're gearing up for the Oscars - like we are - you may well have already planned your Academy Awards themed party. If not, don't panic you've still got time! Plus, we've come up with three Oscar-worthy makeup suggestions, so at least you can tick "choose makeup look" off your list...

"No photos!"

Obviously, if you want to be taken for a real celebrity, you're going to need your shades . Sure, it might be dark, but those paparazzi camera flashes can do serious damage to your retinas. Plus, this way you don't have to worry about your eye makeup, and you can focus on finding a killer lipstick to steal the show. You don't have to stick with a classic red either - think about trying out a fuchsia, or even orange!

The glitterazzi

Your fans will be all aflutter if you go for a sparkle-inspired makeup look! If you use large particles of glitter, apply them over the top of either a clear gel or a nude cream eyeshadow to make them stick. More is more, remember, so worry less about precision than total eyelid coverage. If you want smaller particles, use a sparkly powder over a primer. Keep lips nude or you risk looking more clownish than stylish.

Knock'em dead

If looks an Oscar! Big, powerful cat eyes are never a bad choice when it comes to award-winning makeup. Don't be afraid to draw your cat eye over almost the entire lid, using black liquid or gel eyeliner to fill in the lid, leaving the brow bone. If you know how to contour, now's the moment to give yourself razor sharp cheekbones. Keep hair sleek and under control - you want to control the room through your gaze.

Next question...what are you going to wear?!

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