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Makeup ideas for light brown eyes

If you've got beautiful light brown eyes, we've got some makeup inspiration for you, thanks to five of our favorite celebrities! Let's go...

Focus on the eyes

Kate Mara (House of Cards) was recently seen wearing this sultry smoky eye makeup. She's used silver, grey and gold eyeshadow to create a gradiated color palette, and emphasized her eyes with black kohl. Kate has followed the beauty dictionary, and chosen a nude lip so as not to overcomplicate her look.

Zoey Deutch (Vampire Academy) also went for smoky eye makeup to show off her honey-hued eyes, but instead chose this graphic look using black and skin-toned eyeshadows. Like Kate, she went for a nude lip to make sure all the focus was on her eyes.

Abigail Spencer (Rectify) also decided to emphasize her light brown eyes, but not with a smoky eye. Instead, she used several coats of mascara to give herself the most amazing voluminous and defined lashes.

Let your mouth do the talking

Of course, your other option when it comes to makeup for light brown eyes is to choose a lipstick that complements your irises! Crystal Reed (Teen Wolf) chose a matte fuchsia lipstick to match her dress and contrast with her shining eyes. We do lovea bold lipstick choice!

Stana Katic (Castle) also wore a similiar makeup look a few months ago, but instead chose a glossy bright red with pink tones. By just applying a few coats of mascara, her eyes and lips really pop!

Can you think of any other light-brown-eyed beauties?

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