Tips for avoiding beauty bunders

Makeup tips: 5 rules to avoid beauty blunders!

Check out our five golden rules to make sure that you don't fall into the simplest makeup and beauty traps, which risk ruining your look...

We firmly believe that makeup is an art form. If makeup artists study for years, learning new techniques every day, then it can't be surprising that we find it difficult to know what to choose from the hundreds of products available, and how to apply them. The most important thing, when it comes to makeup, is to enjoy yourself and feel good, all while trying new looks and learning what colors and textures suit you the most.

You don't have to be a beauty professional to know how to make the most of your best features. However, there are certain 'golden rules' that are best followed by in order to avoid any makeup faux pas! So, without further ado, here are our five beauty guidelines:

1. Skincare routine

For healthy-looking skin, you really need a good skincare routine, morning and night, from cleansing to hydrating. Clearing your skin of impurities before you go to sleep is so important to avoid breakouts, and keeping your skin moisturized helps prevent against dry patches and uneven complexions.

2. Complexion

There is nothing worse than realizing your foundation is way too dark for your skin, and that you have a line under your jaw where the two colors meet! The trick is, when shopping for your next foundation, apply a small amount to your jawline, then take a pocket mirror and have a look in the light of day. Often, store lighting can be tragically misleading...

3. Eyes OR Mouth

You've heard it before most probably, but this golden guideline is true 99% of the time: make sure your makeup is balanced. If you have chosen a dark smoky eye, a nude lip will work best. Inversely, a bold lip will look best with natural eye makeup. If you overload, people won't know where to look!

4. Know your strengths

By the time we start applying makeup, we already know more or less which of our features we like, and which ones we like... less. You love your heart-shaped pout? Make the most of it with a bold lip color. Not a fan of your eyebrows? Bring the attention down to your eyes. Don't waste time fretting over parts of you that you don't like - focus on the parts you do!

5. Look to the light

Natural light is so important when you are applying makeup. What looks great in your bathroom mirror might look a little scary once you're in the cold light of day. Having a natural light also helps you to see the difference between certain products: shimmer vs matte, for example, as well as the subtle hues in blushes and eyeshadows. It's super important if you want to avoid applying a color that clashes horribly with your skin tone ...

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