tips and tricks for wearing bright eyeliner

Makeup: tips and tricks for wearing bright eyeliner

by Paige Exell -

There are days that call for classic black liner, and then there are ones that call for something a little more playful. Makeup is all about expressing yourself so on days when you're feeling a little more playful, it's best to have a little fun with your look and let your creative juices flow! Whether you prefer to rock a blue lipstick or load up on highlighter, there are tons of ways to play up your complexion.

But with bright shades of blue, pink, and even glitter making major waves in the beauty scene this season, what better time to try out a bright eyeliner look (think: bold cat eye). To help you perfect this look before summer's end, Get The Look is providing you with a few tips and tricks for wearing bright eyeliner.



It may seem counterintuitive to start with a neutral, but a warm base actually helps make vibrant liner pop. This is also a great tip for anyone who has dark circles or any discoloring on their eyes. The trick is to use a matte brown-toned shade that's a little warmer than your skin tone, and apply it on your entire upper lid, making sure not to go too high up towards your brow bone.


Because getting a sharp line – that won't smudge – is obviously crucial for a colourful cat eye, try using a water and smudge-proof liner. Our pick? L'Oreal's Infallible Silkissime Eye Liner in Cobalt blue. Opt for a formula like this, and you will never have to suffer the awkward upper eye lid colour smudge. To create the perfect cat eye, simply draw a small line from the edge of your eye up towards your brow to begin. Then, trace your lids, following the line and connecting it with the original line you created. Go over the line once more to ensure a bold colour that lasts!


We get that wearing one – let alone multiple – bright colours on your eyes can be intimidating, but choosing two shades in a similar colour family will amplify the colour in a beautiful way and add a multidimensional, dramatic effect. If you've opted for a cobalt liner, try pairing it with a vivid purple or a shimmery eggplant. Place one colour on the upper lid, and one to your entire lower waterline to pump up your look.


We know, we know: So much colour! But the only way to achieve that standout, colourful look is to add more pop! Again, you don't want your look smudging, so go for a waterproof mascara in a similar shade to your top or most dominant eyeliner colour.

Ready to try the bright-eyed look?

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Colour Riche Eye shadow - Cupa Joe
Colour Riche Eye shadow - Cupa Joe
Infallible Silkissime Cobalt Blue
Infallible Silkissime Cobalt Blue
Infallible Silkissime Pure Purple
Infallible Silkissime Pure Purple
Voluminous mascara Voluminous® Power 24HMC Waterproof Black
Voluminous mascara Voluminous® Power 24HMC Waterproof Black