Get your makeup right every time!

Makeup tips for getting it right!

Applying makeup properly is something of an art form... and one that many of us practise on a daily basis. Even if the goal is to highlight our natural beauty every day, we shouldn't forget that it's also important to have fun and try out new things as well as recognizing which colors flatter us the most.

To do so, we've put together a few golden rules, so you'll never have to make another beauty mistake again!

Establish a good skincare routine

A good skincare routine is absolutely necessary for healthy skin. It's important to follow three steps: cleansing, moisturising and makeup removal, choosing products that correspond to your skin's needs.

Choose the right shade of foundation

It's not always easy to find the perfect shade of foundation to match our complexion and many of us end up with one that is too dark, too light, or one that doesn't provide enough coverage... It's important to take the time to try experiment with different colors and textures so as to discover what you really need.

Eyes or mouth... one or the other

This is one of the most basic makeup rules out there (and one that you surely already know, but a little reminder never hurt anyone!): emphasize either your eyes or your lips. Respect this balance to keep a harmonious look. So, if you opt for an intense smoky eye, equalize it with nude lipstick. Likewise, avoid dramatic eye makeup if you're working bright red lipstick. In any case, less is more.

Enhance your best features

Whether it be full lips, long eyelashes, almond-shaped eyes, or dimples... we all have our strong beauty features. It's just necessary to identify them and adapt our makeup so as to highlight them. This is the best way of forgetting/camouflaging our little defaults (if there are any, of course!)

Work in good light

Applying your makeup in a good light might seem like a minor detail, but its actually very important. When you put your makeup on, make the most of natural light as low lighting can play tricks on you. We tend to get a little heavy handed when it's dark, which means that our makeup can look more exaggerated than we intended. Be sure to check your appearance next to a window before you leave the house!

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