Make sure your contouring doesn't go wrong.

Makeup Tips: The worst contouring and highlighting mistakes you can make

by Paige Exell -

If done correctly, contouring flawlessly slims your face, highlights your prominent points, enhances your natural features, and even cheats the ones you wish you had. But due to the plethora of different products, formulas, and techniques available to us for contouring and highlighting, this popular technique can often get a little confusing and as a result, turn your face into a makeup crime scene.

Failure to blend properly, for example, could leave you with visible makeup lines on your face, while using the wrong products in the wrong places could leave you with unwanted features you didn't even know you had. So, if you're going to correctly contour your face, it's important to learn how not to contour your face, as well.

That's why Get The Look is giving you a list of the worst contouring mistakes you can make, and what could happen if you make one of them!


Mistake #1: Bringing your contour up too high on the jaw line

If you've ever contoured your complexion, you probably know that the point of contouring under the jawline is to minimize the look of any double chins one may have and to give the jawline the appearance of being very sharp and defined. However, if you bring your jawline contour up too high, it can start looking less like a defined jaw line and more like an intense shadow on your face. To avoid this, keep the contour underneath your jawline, and on the front portion of your neck to give the appearance of a strong jawline and long, slender neck.

Mistake #2: Using highlight above the brows

If your goal is to lift your brows and make your forehead appear smaller, avoid using highlighter directly above the brows. Instead, to achieve this look, apply your contour along the hairline (sides and middle). If highlight is added directly underneath this contour, it will leave you with a stark contrast and a larger looking forehead that isn't flattering on anyone. Instead of applying highlight directly across your brow bone, apply it on your temples and downwards into your upper cheekbone to highlight your cheekbones and make them appear more prominent.

Mistake #3: Drawing two straight lines down each sides of your nose

When attempting to make the nose appear slimmer, many women draw two lines straight down each side of their nose with contour. This is a problem because if you place the lines too close together, your nose appears abnormally slim, but if you place the lines too far apart, your nose appears wider. The worst part? The lines are often visible leaving you a super unnatural look. To avoid this, simply use a powder foundation and brush it gently on each side of your nose (without creating lines!). Use a liquid contour to draw three lines down your nostrils, then finish off with a swipe of highlighter down the centre of the nose.

Mistake #4: Drawing a diagonal line straight across your face

Everyone loves the look of high, defined, cheekbones. But the way to get them is not to draw a diagonal line straight across your cheek. Instead of looking like prominent cheekbones, this will appear as exactly what it is: a line on your face. To avoid this problem, gently draw a curved line with your contour from where your ear starts, and bring it in towards the corner of your mouth without bringing it all the way to your mouth. Blend with a damp beauty blender or sponge to make your contour appear as natural as possible.

Mistake #5: Drawing a triangle under your eyes with highlighter

It may seem like a great way to achieve the appearance of lighter eyes, but drawing triangles under your eyes will appear cake-y and unnatural. Instead, draw three diagonal lines underneath each of your eyes and up towards your temples with highlight or concealer. Next, use a damp beauty blender to blend the formula into your skin for a super natural look.

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