Sun Stripping will help you look alive this winter

Makeup Trend: Sun Stripping will help you look alive this winter

by Paige Exell -

For a brief time, a sun tan was the ultimate in skin goals. Even with full knowledge that the sun can give you cancer and make you wrinkly, gals soaked up the rays (natural and artificial) for the sole purpose of looking a little more vibrant – and a little more alive.

The orangey era has passed, but we're still using bronzer to approximate exposure to the outside world. With all the tricks out there, though – making a number 3 around your eye in a darker shade, using a giant fluffy brush to diffuse – none give the truly realistic appearance of a day spent in the sun. Enter sun stripping!

Read on for how to achieve the trend and look more alive (and sun-kissed) this winter!


Sun stripping is a makeup technique of applying bronzer in a nearly straight stripe across the apples of the cheeks and bridge of the nose, which are the most sun-drenched planes of the face.

Many makeup artists are predicting sun stripping as a major trend for 2017, saying it's a more natural version of the heavy face-shifting contours of months past. Anyone who's ever had a sunburn recognizes the stripe of colour. Only now, it's soft and pretty!

Here's how to achieve the look:

Step 1: Start off by prepping your base with a natural-looking foundation. A cushion formula or a BB or CC cream with help you achieve lightweight coverage, while still covering up any blemishes or unwanted spots.

Step 2: Apply a medium brown shadow onto your eyelids using a fluffy brush to give you that natural depth and warm, summer look that will blend into your sun stripes. Complete your eyes with a natural touch of mascara on your upper and lower lashes.

Step 3: Using a large makeup brush, apply bronzing powder onto the apple of one of your cheeks, rubbing it in in circular motions. Blend the product in a straight line over your nose in the same circular motions until you reach the other side of your face – and other apple of your cheek – continuing the motions.

For a truer sun-kissed look, use a soft pink or brown blush when performing the sun stripping technique across your face.

Step 4: To tone down the colour and make it appear as natural as possible, apply a loose translucent powder onto the area using a fluffy blush or foundation brush.

And voila! You're sun-kissed and looking alive all winter long!

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