Keira Knightley at the 'Begin Again' premiere on June 25, 2014

Makeup tutorial: Keira Knightley's navy blue smoky eye

Keira Knightley attended the premiere of Begin Again in NYC on June 25, and really impressed us with her sultry navy blue smoky eye makeup! Because blue isn't an easy color to wear on your eyes, we've put together this tutorial so you can copy Keira's look!

Will blue eyeshadow suit me?

As a general rule, the brighter the shade, the harder it is to wear. Keira has chosen a dark navy blue and grey palette for her smoky eye, which is one that would suit most eye colors. If you have blue eyes, never choose a blue eyeshadow that matches your eye color, as it distracts from your eyes. Go a few shades darker, and make sure the tones don't clash with your skin tone. Brown eyed girls like Keira can choose almost any shade of blue - you lucky things! Green eyes are more tricky: it all depends on the tones.

Get Keira's Look

Step one

As a base coat for your eye makeup, apply a copper-toned brown eyeshadow all over your eyelid, up to just below the brow bone, blending out as you go.

Step two

Apply a dark shimmery grey (or a light charcoal) eyeshadow over your eyelid, stopping a few millimeters above the crease.

Step three

Take a shimmery navy eyeshadow and, using a thin eyeshadow brush, dust the color along the crease of your eyelid, focusing on the highest part of the curve. Use the brush to apply the same color under your lower lashes all the way along the eye.

Step four

Using a liquid liner of the same navy color, give yourself a cat eye, making sure to start your line right at the inner corner of your eye.

Step five

Finish with two coats of mascara, some brow pencil to darken those eyebrows, and a natural lip.

Will you be trying this look anytime soon?

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