<p>Manicure: 4 tips for long, healthy nails</p>

Manicure: 4 tips for long, healthy nails

by Paige Exell -

If you're a woman, you probably dream of having beautiful hands with long, natural fingernails that don't need to be hidden with fake ones! But when some of our daily activities include hitting the gym, cooking and cleaning, it can be difficult to keep our beautiful salon-worthy nails. However, there are some simple maintenance tricks you can perform that will help to strengthen your nails and preserve their healthy appearance.

Save yourself a trip to the salon and continue reading for 4 nail tips that will give you beautiful hands!



Filing your nails improperly can be one of the most damaging things for your nails. To avoid creating streaks that could lead to breakage, make sure you perform one full and complete movement with your nail file rather than more, smaller movements. Another thing to remember when filing your nails is to move the file in one way, rather than in a back and forth motion. That back and forth motion can be very hard on your nail, creating damage that can be easily avoided. Remember to avoid coarse nail files that are usually reserved for acrylic nails and manicures.


Acetone is an acidic substance found in nail polish remover that is used to disintegrate substances. And while your fingernail contains a greasy layer that nourishes and protects, when nail polish remover is applied to the nail, it removes the natural oils, weakening the nail. This causes your nails to become brittle and split. So, next time you find yourself shopping for DIY manicure products, reach for a polish remover that doesn't contain acetone.


When applying nail polish, the first step in your manicure should always be to apply a base coat. This will protect the nail from the polish you're about to apply. When you want to try out a more natural nail look and avoid polish, apply a single layer of transparent top coat to your nail. This will harden the nail and prevent breakage – it will also give your nails a beautiful, shiny finish!


Just like your hair and skin, your nails need moisture to grow and remain healthy. When you wash your hands with soaps, the ingredients remove the natural oils produced by your nails. For healthy hands, apply moisturizer after washing – and don't forget to rub it into your nail bed!

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