Manicure inspiration for short nails

If you have short nails due to biting, work requirements, or even because you just prefer them that way, you may sometimes struggle to find inspiration for nail art and manicure ideas. Bright colors just make nails look even shorter, so the classic red mani goes out the window. Complicated nail art is also a no-go for the same reason, plus it's hard to achieve intricate detail when you're working on such a small canvas!

Don't let your short nails get you down - here are 3 ideas especially for you, plus some top tips from our nail experts!

Sparkly art

Bold block colors will shrink the appearance of your nails, but glittery top coats won't. Instead, they'll add some sparkle to your hands, and your overall look. You could even get creative with some sparkly nail art, like in the picture above.

Try an accent

If you'd really like a pop of color on your fingertips, why not try an accent nail? Keep the rest of the nails neutral, and choose one to paint in a shade of your choice. Most people opt for the ring finger, but the choice is yours.

Keep it in neutral

For an everyday manicure, stick to neutral shades that complement your skin color. We love cappucino and beige tones for their subtle yet classy finish.

Top tips for short nails

Apply a protective/strengthening nail polish to encourage your nails to grow. Avoid nail art such as French manicures, which will make your nails look stumpy. If you're going to an event where you'd really like long nails, don't be afraid to try stick-ons, which can (if applied correctly) look very natural.

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