7 ways to make your manicure last!

Manicure tips: 7 ways to make your nail polish last

by Paige Exell -

It's no secret that every girl loves a good manicure. Whether you DIY or hit the nearest salon, a clean, polished nail look is one of the easiest ways to make you feel more put-together when life gets a little hectic.

Unfortunately, most nail polish owners prefer to be pampered by their local salons with hopes that the results will last a little longer than they would with regular polish. A DIY job often results in messy, chipped, or peeled nail polish that results from impatient wearers, and lack of proper technique.

So, in attempts to save you time (and money), Get The Look is offering you 7 techniques that will ensure your DIY polish job lasts longer than a celebrity marriage. The best part? By performing your own manicure, you have the freedom to change your polish colours as often as you please!


When performing a manicure on yourself, it's all about knowing the right techniques – and capping the free edge of the nails – happens to one of them. When applying a base coat, paint over the tops of your nails, on the edge, and slightly underneath to ensure long-lasting wear. Do the same when applying colour and topcoat to ensure an even finish that will last.


Not only is polish on your cuticles an amateur move, but it also looks extremely messy, and can even shorten the life of your manicure. When you apply polish on your cuticle and over, oil residue can seep underneath the nails where the nail polish bond is broken as they grow, causing your polish to lift and peel.

To avoid this issue, start painting slightly beneath your cuticle, leaving a small space between the polish and the cuticle. This will also give your nails a cleaner, more professional appearance.


The more coats of polish you apply, the thicker the polish becomes, and the more likely it is that your mani will chip or peel off easily. When painting, two coats of polish, one base coat, and one top coat on each nail is sufficient to ensure a lasting look.


When it just so happens that you chip your nail in an unfortunate scenario, grab a complementary shade of polish and apply it only on your tips, French-manicure style. Choose a completely different shade of polish than the one you're already wearing for a bold, on-trend DIY manicure.


Yes, cool. Avoid applying your polish outside in the sunlight or in a very hot room. This will stop the polish from drying evenly or cause it to form bubbles on the surface of your nail, creating a thick, messy look that won't last longer than a few minutes.


Although it is important to clean your nails in hot water when giving yourself a manicure, if you want your polish to last, avoid water at all costs. When nails absorb water, they expand and won't return to their natural strength for up to 24 hours. This means, when you apply polish on wet, weak nails, your manicure is less likely to last.

To avoid this issue, opt for a waterless manicure by keeping your nails away from water as much as possible before applying polish.


If you want to keep your colour in-tact and free of fade, opt for a nude, rather than a clear base coat. This is especially true if your using summery shades of pink and pastels that easily become faded by the sun.



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