Sublimate your favorite manicures with L'Oréal Paris' new top coats.

Manicure: top coats, what's new?

by Sarah-Jeanne Lapointe -

With the change of the seasons comes the necessity of changing up your wardrobe. And with that comes the fun of changing up your beauty look! We already checked out hairstyle trends for the upcoming fall/winter. Our next stop was looking at nail polish trends...and first on our list was L'Oréal Paris' new collection of top coats.

But before we start looking at the new textures and designs made possible by L'Oréal, do you know why you should use a top coat? We usually put it over our favorite nail varnishes to make sure they last until we get tired of the color and change for a new one! With its new top coats, L'Oréal has reinvented the final stage of homemade manicures.

Here are a bunch of options:

Glitter: celebrities have already taken to the trend and started to put glitter on their nails. It is now possible for YOU to recreate your favorite Hollywood manicures at home.

Beauty tips - Apply the glitter all over your nail varnish or play with it to reproduce the ombre effect. Tom Bachik, Global Nail Expert for L'Oréal Paris, did a super glitzy scarlet red manicure topped with a golden top coat.

Matte finish: we've already traded in our glosses for matte lipsticks this fall. It is now time to do so for your manicures by trying out the matte top coat.

Beauty tips - We particularly love it on top of a nude nail varnish. Conversely, it is also fantastic on a bright and neon color.

L'Oréal Paris top coats have been available in stores since late July! Which one of these new products you think will become your favorite?

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