Mascara: 5 perfectly sculpted celebrity lashes that make us dream

Mascara: 5 perfectly sculpted celebrity lashes that make us dream

by Sophie Lalani -

As the popular phrase so eloquently states, "the eyes are the mirrors of the soul." And it seems that the stars are well aware of the power of their eyes, maximizing their sultry appeal on the red carpet with some trade secret makeup techniques. While we envy some celebrities for their full, pillowy lips or long and luscious hair, others enchant us with their sparkling doll eyes and mile-long lashes!

When it comes to getting mesmerizing eyes, we know that mascara is the most important part. Your eye makeup just doesn't look complete until you make your eyelashes pop by applying a good mascara to add definition!

You've always wanted to know the secrets of stars like Blake Lively , Karlie Kloss , Jennifer Lopez , Eva Longoria , and Barbara Palvin. How do they keep there lashes so long and defined while still avoiding clumping? Here it is: the Voluminous Butterfly Sculpt Mascara by L'Oréal Paris.


The many mascaras on the market promise you a miracle fake lash effect, 20x more volume and breathtaking length...but what is really the ultimate goal when trying to achieve an iconic lash look? Definition. With the countless fleeting lash trends made popular by celebrities and runway models: intense, natural, cetera, the brand new, revolutionary sculpting mascara from L'Oréal Paris is timeless and the first of its kind.

In one tube, it offers three sculpting effects - no need to go in with multiple mascaras to get that false-lash drama. The specially designed brush coats your lashes with intense colour for a defined and piercing look. From the first application, your eyelashes will look sky high just like Blake Lively and Barbara Palvin. Plus, the brush will deposit the perfect amount of product on the root of your lashes for a tight-lined effect like Karlie Kloss, J Lo, and Eva Longoria. And as an added bonus: the tapered tip makes it easier to get right into the finer inner lashes without getting mascara all over your lids!


The makeup artists of Hollywood starlets are familiar with this technique, which will intensify the look of your lashes in a discreet way, without looking like you've used an eyeliner. The goal: Take a black or brown pencil liner and dot it between each lash rather than applying it in a well-defined, continuous line to make your lashes appear thicker while still looking natural. Ordinarily, this method requires time and precision, but the winged comb-style brush of the Voluminous Butterfly Sculpt Mascara will do it for you.

Getting the perfectly sculpted lash look we see on the red carpet has never been easier! Want to learn exactly how to use the mascara wand for maximum results? Get The Look brings you a detailed guide in our article on how to apply the Voluminous Butterfly Sculpt Mascara.

For a makeup look that's all about definition, including a contoured lip and a sculpted almond-eye, check out our beauty tutorial that will help you get perfectly sculpted makeup in 5 easy steps.

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