<p>Mascara: How To Use Voluminous Butterfly Sculpt To Get Perfectly Defined Lashes</p>

Mascara: How To Use Butterfly Sculpt For Perfectly Defined Lashes?

by Sophie Lalani -

Finding the perfect mascara is a quest that can be difficult and full of pitfalls. Sometimes you have to try quite a few different varieties before finding one that meets your expectations and does what it claims on the packaging. But what if you were told that L'Oréal Paris has decided to revolutionize the way we perceive mascara to make your search for the perfect product a whole lot easier? Their ahead of the curve technology is what makes French cosmetic brands so unique. They're bringing us the very first sculpting mascara, Voluminous Butterfly Sculpt .

Want to learn more about this beauty innovation and its use? Get The Look has all the details to help you get those coveted and perfectly defined lashes with the Voluminous Butterfly Sculpt Mascara from L'Oréal Paris.



Much more than a traditional mascara, the Voluminous Butterfly Sculpt gives you three sculpting effects in a single tube. In addition to wrapping your lashes in an intense and dramatic colour, it gives them a fuller and denser look. The brush is designed to give you length, drama, and precision all in one. It allows you to coat the lashes from base to tip while depositing mascara strategically to give you a gorgeous fanned out effect. What makes it so different? The winged-comb brush - a brand new innovation that gives you a defined look with just a single swipe. The inner bristles lay the right amount of product directly on the roots and fill in the space between each lash, while the outer tips allow you to pull the lashes up and outwards to extreme lengths. Finally, the brush coats your eyelashes with a generous amount of formula for intense volume with just one coat.


Beauty enthusiasts will tell you about the wondrous effects of tightlining. The foolproof method involves lining the inner rim of your lid to define your lashes and make them look thicker. The voluminous butterfly mascara lets you skip a step, giving you a more natural look by applying mascara between each lash, right at the root, without creating a sharp, detectable line. With its combed brush, the Voluminous Butterfly Sculpt has the ability to deposit mascara at the base of the lashes, creating a tightlined effect and thus, the appearance of a denser lash line. Awesome, right?


To optimize your results, dip the brush into the formula and place it at the root of your lashes, moving upwards in zig zag motions. Pro Tip: Never pump the wand as this pushes air into the tube which can cause your mascara to dry up. Use the tip of the brush to get all the lashes on your outer corner and give your eyes a winged appearance.

Since the formula of Voluminous Butterfly Sculpt is very volumizing, limit yourself to two coats to ensure you don't make your lashes look clumpy. From the first application, lashes are visibly denser, thicker, and more defined!

So, ready to try the first sculpting mascara from L'Oréal Paris? Your lashes will thank you!

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