Megan Boone from TV series <em>The Blacklist</em> at the Resident Magazine March issue celebration, March 25, 2014

Megan Boone: the perfect makeup look for a magazine party

Actress Megan Boone got her makeup spot-on for the Resident Magazine March issue celebration, managing to look classy yet fresh-faced at the same time. We've taken a closer look at how she pulled it off...

A magazine party isn't like a house party, a dinner party, or a cocktail party - it has its own 'type' of dress code. Because they are normally held in the late afternoon/early evening, you need to remember that your makeup should be natural-light appropriate.

Megan plays rookie FBI profiler Agent Elizabeth Keen on The Blacklist, NBC's addictive crime drama series that started in September 2013. Since it premiered, Megan has been showing that she knows how to handle herself both on a film set and the red carpet:

Glowing face

Megan's complexion is really glowing, but doesn't look like she's covered herself in thick layers of makeup. If we had to guess, we'd say she's wearing either a BB cream or a light-relecting liquid foundation. Either way, it looks very light and allows her natural beauty to shine through. A sweep of pink blush on each cheek brings a wash of warmth to her face.

Flattering eye makeup

At an afternoon party, it's also important that your eye makeup says neither nightclub nor brunch date. Megan has chosen a pretty delicate cat eye with a warm blue-grey-rose combination of eyeshadow colors that looks effortless (but probably wasn't!) and complements her steel-blue eyes.

Natural lip color

No bright hues for Megan. Instead, she's chosen a beautiful rose shade for her lip color, which is very appropriate for the occasion. Her lip liner is ever so slightly darker than her lipstick, which makes her lips appear fuller: a great beauty tip.

Now you know what makeup works for a magazine party, or any event that takes place early evening/late afternoon. Go forth and mingle!

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