<p>Megan Fox at the 70th Annual Golden Globes Awards Nominations in 2012</p>

Megan Fox: hairstyles for oval shaped faces

If you've got an oval face shape (like Megan Fox, Sienna Miller , or Julianne Hough), consider yourself very lucky! This is the most common face shape and it also happens to be the most versatile and proportionate. Yep, having an oval shaped face means just about any hairstyle will suit you. Whether you want long layers, a short cropped cut, or a cool long bob- the choice is yours!

How do I know my face shape?

If you're unsure whether or not your face is oval, there's a special technique to determine shape. First measure the widest points of your face at your forehead, cheeks, and mouth, and then measure in the center of your face from the hairline to the chin. If the length of your face is 1.5 times the width, you've got an oval face!

The cropped cut

Your oval face shape can flawlessly carry a cropped pixie cut , so if you've ever wanted to try out this daring 'do- go for it! Leave some extra length up top for a softer look (and so you can copy some of Coco Rocha 's amazing styles).

Long layers

If you are petite, make sure that the front of your hair is slightly shorter in the front than the back. Having equally long hair all around can make you look really young. Instead, opt for layers that start at chin length to frame the face, with a gradual taper from the front to the longer hair in the back. You can style this haircut wavy or curly.

The asymmetrical bob

We all know the long bob is in, but if you're looking for an edgier version then go for the asymmetrical cut seen on Mary J. Blige. This is a serious look for a serious gal!

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