Megan Park attends the New York premiere of <em>What If</em> on August 4, 2014

Megan Park: perfect beach waves with bangs!

Actress Megan Park joined co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan at the New York film premiere of What If on August 4. The former Secret Life of the American Teenager star hit the red carpet in an on-trend leather miniskirt and crop top ensemble with an effortlessly cool beauty look that featured a nude lip and metallic smoky eye.

What caught our eye, however, was Megan's easygoing red carpet hairstyle! Tousled beach waves are a summertime staple, so it isn't surprising to see them on the red carpet, but it isn't often we spot them worn with a fringe and that, folks, makes all the difference!

Megan's hairstyle manages to tow the line between vintage-inspired and perfectly on-trend. Best of all? It's really easy to achieve! Start by paying a visit to your stylist and getting the best fringe for your face shape. Then, follow our tutorial to get the look...

Beach babe waves

Step one: Starting with towel-dried hair, spritz a wave creating spray with heat protection throughout. Use a paddle brush and blow dryer to dry your bangs, drying them in all directions so you can style them straight across or to the side.

Next, either let the rest of your hair air dry or rough dry it using your blow dryer and hands.

Step two: Once your hair is dry, define certain waves by using a curling iron and then brushing through them to loosen them up.

Step three: Spritz sea salt spray throughout and then use your diffuser for a perfectly mussed up look.

Step four: Use a brush coated with hairspray on your bangs to avoid flyaways and then give the rest of your style a quick coat.

All done!

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