Micellar water 101

Micellar water: what is it and why should I use it?

Micellar water is the new kid on the block when it comes to makeup removal options. These days, beauty lovers prefer to gently remove their makeup before washing their skin, for an effective two-step cleansing ritual. Enter: micellar water.

Micellar water, a gift to gentle skin

Though everyone can benefit from its use, micellar water is especially intended for those with sensitive skin. A blend of water and micelles (containing oil), the makeup remover is lightweight, kind to skin and doesn't require rinsing.

Like toner, micellar water can be applied immediately after cleansing to both soothe and provide clarity to sensitive skin. At the same time, when applied using a cotton pad, the calming fluid cleanses skin and removes any last traces of makeup residue.

While many different types of micellar water have hit the market recently, the most versatile is a formula without perfume that is hypoallergenic.

How to use micellar water

It's very simple! Just like any other makeup removing product, apply the product on a cotton pad. Then, swipe the cotton pad all over your face to remove any traces of makeup. Top tip: you don't need to scrub with micellar water, simply let the product glide over your face in a fluid motion!

You can use micellar water as a pre-cleanser to remove the bulk of your makeup before a deep cleanse, or cleanse your face first and follow it up with micellar water to clarify your skin. Then, follow up as usual with your favorite toner and moisturizer!

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