A model walks the runway during the Angelo Marani fashion show as part of Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 on September 28.

Milan Fashion Week: 3 hairstyles with bangs and how to style them

by Samantha Hunt -

Milan Fashion Week was a whirlwind of wild designs, stunning colors, and audacious beauty looks, and we have barely even started picking up those hairstyle tips ready for the coming season! Which is why we thought it was about time to bring you some high-fashion tips from the Italian fashion capital for that classic fall hairstyle: bangs! Here are our top 3 looks fresh from the runway...

Smooth and straight

An all time classic, the Angelo Marani runway brought out smooth and sleek locks yesterday, September 28, with equally sophisticated bangs to match! When giving this look a go, start by giving your whole head of hair a dose of hydration with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner range.

Make sure you add a spritz of heat protection to your locks before blow-drying, and use a round-headed brush to both shape your bangs in an inward curve and to create frizz-reducing tension as you blow dry. Add another spritz of heat protection and then use a flat iron to smooth out any kinks from your hair.

Sideswept style

A compromise for those of you who don't want to commit to full bangs, the side-swept style is a cool and relaxed look that works best on longer, choppier fringe styles. We loved this tousled and relaxed version we saw on the Elisabetta Franchi runway on September 26.

To style this look into place, start by massaging a volumizing mousse into the roots of your hair, spritz with heat protection spray then blow dry your lengths until they are 80% dry. Mist your hair with a texturizing sea salt spray - leaving out your bangs - then tease the body of hair with your hands to get the tousled texture. Finish blowdrying your bangs using a round-headed brush as above to curve the hair into place. Use your fingers to tease your fringe and give it a center part before misting over the whole look with hairspray.

Cutting it short

For the braver, more edgy fashionistas among you, why not try trimming your bangs a little shorter for the coming season? For a really daring addition to your look, you could even try out this short fringe teamed with relaxed, textured curls - also from the Elisabetta Franchi show! To give this 1990s, grunge-inspired hair trend a go, repeat the steps above for a tousled, relaxed overall style, but don't worry about blow-drying your bangs into place: this trend is all about rocking that bedhead, messy chic look.

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