The perfect red pout at Milan Fashion Week 2014

Milan Fashion Week: using crayon for the perfect lip contour

The Italians know how to use lip color for a show-stopping look! Take this deep burgundy, spotted on the runway at Milan Fashion Week, for example. But when you're using a striking shade of color, you need to make sure your lip contours are flawless. Check out our tips below for how to use a lip pencil to define your pout perfectly...

Using Lip Pencil


Before you apply any color to your lips, make sure you've given them a scrub (using a lip scrub or buffer) and softened them with lip balm, or you'll end up with an uneven finish and the color will flake.

Get the right shade

So many people make this mistake: use a lip liner of exactly the same shade or lighter than the lipstick you're using. The dark lined lip look needs to stay in the nineties.

Type of pencil

Lip liner pencils should be soft and slightly blunt. For the ideal tip, sharpen your pencil then run it lightly back and forth over the back of your hand. This will not only soften the end but also give you an idea as to how the liner comes out on your skin.


Before applying lipstick, trace the lip pencil around the natural contour of your lip, no further or it will look unnatural. Then use the pencil to lightly "fill in" the rest of the lip. This will make your lipstick last longer, and give you a far more natural look.

For a more natural finished look, smudge the lip liner gently with a finger. But if you're after high definition like this model, keep the contours sharp and finish by blotting carefully.


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