A simple cat eye

Minimalist beauty with emphasis on the eyes!

Over the last few seasons there's been a strong shift towards minimalism in the fashion world- and now the trend has been embraced by the beauty community as well! More and more women are reaching for less and less when it comes to their beauty looks. From tousled, soft waves and dishevelled updos to nearly bare-faced beauty looks, the "I woke up like this" mantra has taken hold!

Try the trend

Minimalist beauty looks focus mainly on getting the complexion absolutely flawless: even and smooth, free of blemishes and/or imperfections. This, of course, starts with a great skincare routine. After that, you'll want to employ a mix of primer, foundation, concealer, highlighter, and setting powder to get your skin looking perfect.

Emphasis on the eyes

If you've applied and perfected your base and it's looking a little too minimalist, then why not try one of these runway-ready looks? They channel the trend but offer a little extra something by way of putting emphasis on the eyes without going overboard. Let's take a closer look...

Grey is the new black: Black eyeliner can look quite harsh on "nude" skin, so opt for a softer hue like charcoal grey to define your lashes. By adding the kohl to the top and bottom lashlines, your eyes will become the "focus" of your look without stealing all of the attention!

A halo effect: If you just can't seem to step away from the eyeshadow, this is one approach to the minimalist look that will suit you. Simply apply one shade of eyeshadow and blend it all around the eye to create a soft, ethereal "halo".

The cat's pajamas: Another way to define your eyes and also channel some vintage glam is to use liquid liner for a classic cat eye flick. It's a way of working a modern trend with a timeless one for an altogether gorgeous look.

Which one will you try?

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