Give your nails some serious TLC!

Nail Art: Giving your nails a break

Think about it: at least once a week we expose our nails to some combination of base coat, nail polish, top coat, cuticle softener, etc. A few days later, we remove it, and start all over again, never giving our nails a little time to recuperate.

We've noticed a recent spike in the amount of celebrities hitting the red carpet with nude nails. No, not "nude" nails, nails without any product on them whatsoever. Showing up to an event with naked nails if officially no longer a major no-no!


Though our nails appear and feel solid, they are actually porous. This means they have the ability to absorb anything we put on top of them. In addition, just as the pores in our skin benefit from having time to breathe, as do our nails. Keeping your nails polish free for a few weeks means you can take the proper measures to care for your nails and ensure they'll be strong enough for all of your future nail art needs!

What to do?

- Whenever washing the dishes or cleaning the house (when your nails might be exposed to chemicals) be sure to wear gloves.

- Regularly file and buff your nails to improve your nail quality, stimulate fingernail growth, and make your nails appear smooth.

- Now is also a good time to treat any overgrown or dry and cracked cuticles. Follow our tutorial for cuticle care .

After a few weeks of TLC, you should see a vast imrpovement to the quality of your nails. When you're ready to start painting again, be sure to use a nourishing AND protecting base coat.

As for some on-trend nail art ideas: go glittery, try an accent nail, or spread an important message !

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