Keep it simple, but still stand out, with graphic glitter nails!

Nail art inspiration: graphic glitter triangles!

If you're a girl on the go, you may well find that you don't have the time to create complicated nail art. Or perhaps you work in an office, and can't go too crazy with multi-colored nails. So when we came across these edgy yet chic graphic glitter designs at New York Fashion Week, we knew immediately that we had no choice but to do a tutorial.

Basic definition

Your base defines you! What does that mean? you might ask. It means that the base color you choose defines the overall impact of your nail art. Here, the model has gone for a coat of nude polish, which makes the look more subtle. Try to imagine what this nail art would look like with a royal blue or shocking pink base coat, and you'll see what we mean! Two coats of your base color will be enough to provide even coverage.

Remember: always start with a transparent base coat underneath to protect your nails from staining.

Let's triangulate!

Graphic shapes are so 'in' this season! We've been coming across graphic shapes and designs everywhere, from makeup looks to catwalk clothes. Triangular, art-deco-inspired jewelry is very popular at the moment, so let's take this trend from around our necks and fingers... onto our nails!

Once your base color is dry, you really don't have to use tape to create the triangles, just sue your brush! Taking your glittery polish of choice, apply the brush onto the base of your nail. Push down so the brush fans out, then pull the brush towards the center of the nail, slowly releasing pressure until - halfway up the nail - the pressure is so light that you are no longer even touching the brush against the nail. This will give you a triangular shape!

If there aren't enough sparkles all the way through the triangle, wait for it to dry, then apply a dab of glitter in the middle of the triangle and spread out the sparkles.

Once dry, seal the look with a transparent top coat, and your pretty, glittery graphic nails are ready!

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