<span>A model was photographed with one-stroke black nail polish backstage ahead of the DB Berdan show during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Istandbul on 15 March 2013 in Turkey.</span>

Nail art: one-stroke nail polish, easy beauty for the girl on the go!

by Kathy Saunders -

Nail art has taken the beauty world by storm with a lot of colourful, intricate designs, but now, it seems as if simple, easy nail polish styles could be about to make a comeback. At the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Istanbul, we spotted one particularly simple example of eye-catching nail art-- the minimalist one-stroke nail polish style pictured above.

We like this style because:

A) it looks good and B, it would take less than thirty seconds to accomplish!

We do, however, still advocate the use of a top coat...

Change it up

The idea of trying this one-stroke method out in other colours could also be a lot of fun. We quite like the idea of painting a little neon rainbow with a different coloured strip for each finger nail.

You could add a little extra detail to this nail art style by painitng your stripe over a contrasting colour, i.e. a black strip on a pale background or a bright stripe on a dark one. Even a bit of glitter could work, you just have to centre the look around the bold stripe.

We wholly recommend you get creative with this stripy look but, if all else fails, by all means stick to a simple black stripe. You'll end up with a fresh, stand-out manicure whatever you choose!

After all, how many people do you see with just one stroke of nail polish per finger?

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