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Nail art: our tips for getting shiny nails!

Whether your nails are short or long, painted or not, there's no doubt you want them to look their best! Of course, when they're not painted, it's especially important that your nails are white and shiny. We've collected some of our top tips for improving your nail health and boosting shine...

Step 1: When life gives you lemons...

Here's a simple trick to whiten and brigten your nails: lemon juice! This astringent citrus fruit will naturally strip away dead cells while providing intense shine. Either rub a slice underneath and on top of your nails, or mix lemon juice with baking soda or water and soak your nails for a few minutes. Rinse with soap and admire the new and improved state of your nails!

Step 2: Prep & Buff

Purchase a nail buffer and, after filing your nails, use the roughest side to gently buff and smooth the nail bed. Move to the next side and continue buffing the nail in a back and forth motion. Finally, run the softest side over the nail to improve shine.

Step 3: First base

An absolute essential, base coats protect your nails from the high pigments in polish that can help to discolor or yellow your nails over time, while also smoothing out the base for your nail art.

Step 4: Top priority

A glossy top coat is the final touch to your routine. After your base coat has dried, apply the top coat to boost the shine and help your nail stay in tip top shape.

We also recommend applying hand cream each day to keep the skin around your nails soft and nourished. Trust us, a little extra nail care goes a long way!

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