With some help, your nails can be back in good condition in no time!

Nail Art SOS for breakage-prone nails

by Kathy Saunders -

Whether your nails have a habit of breaking, you bite them, or they're just prone to damage in general, it can sometimes feel a bit hopeless and even put you off the idea of putting time and effort into a manicure. Well, don't worry because we have a few tips and tricks to help get them looking ship shape.

With some handy products, useful tips and a couple of good habits, you'll be surprised at how good your nails can look.

Things to bear in mind

A little common sense goes a long way when it comes to preventing broken nails. Obviously, there are times when nails are just going to break, no matter what you do, but sometimes it can be avoided.

Wear gloves: When you do the dishes, help your mom/husband/grandmother/self/anyone with the gardening, take part in any DIY or use any abrasive cleaning products such as bleach, protect your hands with a pair of gloves! This helps to reduce the possibility of any damange to your nails that can happen when your hands are in and out of water or used often for household chores.

File one way: When you file back and forth, you risk splitting your nail which can lead to a full-blown break. So, the next time you pick up an emery board, make sure you only work in one direction.

Give your nails some time off: Rather than continuously wear nail polish, let your nails rest from time to time. All the filing, painting, removing and cuticle pushing mean that your nails are subject to a lot of activity and sometimes, they could do with a break.

..which is where the next half of this article comes in.

Products that can help

There is a whole range of nail care products out there that are designed to help protect, strengthen and nourish nails, depending on what kind of nails you have and how you want to improve them.

The saviour: Use a protecting base coat for damaged nails to help reduce signs of peeling, splits and rigidity, helping instead to promote reinforcement and a smooth, healthy surface.

The growth promoters: For anyone who has nails that tend to break when they get longer or just seem weaker that you want them to be, get a top coat that has growth promotion properties to promote a smooth, healthy surface area - all the better for applying any creative nail art looks you have in mind.

The multi-taskers: If you don't have much time on your...nails, go for a 2-in-1 product that can be used as a base coat to protect nails and as a top coat to protect polish.

After all that, your nails should stand a better chance at remaining break-free for longer!

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