Go retro with a 1920's-inspired half-moon manicure!

Nail art: we love the half-moon mani!

If you love retro style , trying new nail art looks, or both, then give the half-moon manicure a go!

Manicure? Manicute!

The half-moon manicure, also known as the reverse French manicure, is a retro nail art look that originated in the 1920's. First adopted among Hollywood actresses, this style became mainstream in the 30's and lasted well into the 1940's. Today the half-moon manicure is most often associated with Dita Von Teese, who wears this nail art look almost exclusively.

The half-moon look is when the lunula of the nail (that half-moon white shape at the base of your nail bed) is painted a different color than the rest of the nail. In the 30's the most popular nail colors were pink and red, so if you're going for an authentic vintage look, you should stick in that realm of shades. Otherwise, have fun!

We spotted this look more recently on the runway of Alexis Mabille (Spring/Summer 2014). The nail artist kept the lunula transparent and painted the rest of the nail glossy black. We love this modern take on vintage glamour and think it's a great technique to have in your pocket!

Get the look

Step one: Start by applying a base coat to protect your nails. Then, apply the color you want for the half-moon all over the nail. In this case, it's simply clear polish, but a shiny metallic polish would also be appropriate and right on trend !

Step two: Once your base color is dried completely, apply a circular shaped sticker to the base of the nail (reinforcement labels are perfect). Be sure that the stickers are applied well to the nail so that no nail polish can leak under.

Step three: Apply a coat of your second chosen shade- in this case, glossy black. Allow the polish to completely dry and then remove the labels.

Step four: Use a small brush dipped in remover around the edges of the nail to clean up your look if you need to. Then, top it off with a top coat and you're all set!

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