Holographic nails, step by step.

Nail Trend: beauty bloggers are obsessing over holographic nails

by Paige Exell -

First there was Instagram's #HairStencil trend, which allowed women to create child-like works of arts on their hair in an assortment of wild colours. Then came #PixelHair, one of the season's most futuristic hair trends, and another Instagram beauty trend that had hairstylists using small squares and filaments of one colour to create a blurred, pixelated look on their clients' heads.

In short, Instagram seems to be the main source when it comes to finding some of the most outrageous fashion and beauty trends. And if there's one beauty trend that's taking over our feeds right now, it's holographic nails. Yes, holographic nails are now a thing! It all started when Gigi Hadid wore a chrome manicure at the Met Gala earlier this year, playing up the events futuristic Manus x Machina themed night. Her look – which cost $2,000 – sparked a ton of look-alikes, including a plethora of cheaper versions that we can't get enough of.

Now, the manicure trend has evolved into something that has beauty bloggers equally as obsessed. So, what exactly are holographic nails? The style can be worn in an assortment of different metallic shades, including rose gold, silver, actual gold – you name it! – and gives off the appearance of being three-dimensional when the colour hits the light.


Whether they're rose gold, actual gold, or a straight up trippy assortment of different colours, holographic nails are the latest way to embrace the season's futuristic trend. And while we love a modern and unique take on braids, buns, twists, and hair colours (see: Ciara's silver hair), turning your nails into the look of the future is the easiest way to embrace the trend for everyday life – not to mention it will probably attract all kinds of compliments!

Ready to check them out for yourself? Here's how 5 different beauty bloggers rocked the trend!

Rose Gold nails from my favorite @laquenailbar thank you Grace

A video posted by Huda Kattan (@hudabeauty) on

holographic nails via @jeffreestar / by @yvynails

A photo posted by Alternative Fashion (@alternativexfashion) on

Chromed out by @chaunlegend Rings @queenpee

A photo posted by Amra Olevi | Artist (@amrezy) on

holographic skulls on everyyyything. holo from @daily_charme over @vetro_usa

A photo posted by Lexi Martone Nails (@leximartone) on

Can't stop staring? We're with you on that! Luckily, beauty blogger Kandee Johnson recorded a how-to and let us in on the genius behind how to get these amazing nails. Want to try the look out for yourself? Follow her simple steps!


Start off by applying a clear base coat followed by two coats of gel colour. Or, if you don't trust yourself to get the job done, head to the nearest salon and ask for a gel manicure.


Next, apply a gel topcoat that the holographic powder will stick to. Clear topcoat is ideal for this step!


Using a small paint brush or nail brush, apply holographic powder onto the entire nail.


Seal everything in using a clear top coat. Make sure to coat all around the edges with the polish to ensure a long-lasting manicure.

Ta-da! You now have the sparkliest, shiniest, trippiest nails that a girl could ask for!

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