Nail trend: Wire nails are the manicure of the future

Nail trend: Wire nails are the manicure of the future

by Paige Exell -

Over the past few months, we've seen some pretty next-level nail art (we're still in awe of glass nails!) – but the latest innovation in manicures, which has been named "wire nails," may be the most game-changing yet.

Using gold wire, 3D sculptural designs including stiletto tips, cuticle accents, and even abstract-art-inspired human faces are created on the nail beds. Both beautiful and practical (clear nail polish = no chips), wire nails are quickly becoming the manicure the future.

Kyng Park, the mastermind behind wire nails, has said that her cutting-edge technique is actually a nod to the art of the neon sign. When neon signs are made, the wires must be bent to make certain lettering, which is what's happening with this nail art trend! Read on to find out how you can DIY this look at home, and to get inspired for your next nail art project!


The easiest part about achieving this look? It only requires clear nail polish, which means you don't have to worry about chips or scratches! The harder part comes when it's time to manipulate the wire the way you want it – but don't be afraid to be creative with it!

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Once you've chosen small, gold (or silver) wires of your choice (make sure to go for thin ones that are easy to bend!), start off by using tweezers to manipulate the wires into unique shapes. An oval shape will complement the outline of your nail for a pretty border, but feel free to have fun with it!

Make sure to bend 10 wires – one for each fingers – unless you're going for a more minimalistic look!

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Next, grab your clear base coat, and apply it onto each nail. Apply a second coat of polish right away to create a thicker layer for the wire to sit on.


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Before your clear polish dries, place the already-made wire and deco studs onto the clear polish to ensure it sticks. If you have a UV light, place your hands under the light to set the wire into the polish.

If you aren't quick enough, try painting one nail, placing the wire into it, and then repeating one nail at a time.

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Once all of the wires have been placed onto your nails in your favoured positions, swipe on a top coat for long-lasting wear. Let it dry for 5-10 minutes, then apply a second top coat.

Pro Tip: If you're ready to do DIY on this chic minimalist look, keep in mind that since it's a wire you're dealing with, you have to make sure the sharp end has a nice finish so it doesn't get caught in your clothes!

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