Open toed shoes are the perfect way to show off your pedi!

Nails 101: how to get the perfect at home pedicure

Summer is officially here- which means it's time to show some skin and hit the beach! If you're anything like us, however, you probably want to pamper and prep your skin a bit before exposing it to the world. Our feet, especially, need a little TLC after spending the previous winter months nestled into thick wool socks and heavy boots. So, before you break out those Greek sandals, follow our simple guide to getting the perfect at home pedicure!

It's no small feat (pun intended)

Step one: Start by removing any existing nail polish and then trimming your toe nails. Once you've cut your nails use a file and buffer to smooth them.

Top tip: Cutting the sides of your toe nail too much can encourage pesky ingrown and hang nails. Instead, cut your toe nails as straight across as possible.

Step two: Next, fill a tub or bucket with hot water (+ some bath salts/oils if you like) and let your feet soak for 10-20 minutes to soften tough calluses and cuticles. When you remove your feet from the water, dry them with a towel.

Step three: Exfoliate the skin on your feet while it's still soft. Apply some cuticle softener to your cuticles and, while you're waiting for the product to work its magic, exfoliate the rest of the skin on your feet with a pumice stone or brush. Once you're done, rinse your feet off (including the cuticle cream) and use a stick to push back the cuticles on each nail.

Step four: Massage your feet while you apply moisturizer to them, making sure not to miss between the toes and on top! Now, it's time for the ...


Now that your feet are all prepped for polish, it's time to add some color to those toes! Remember to start with a base coat, which will protect your nails from staining. Then, apply the color of your choice (pastel pink, yellow, and blue are all very on-trend). Once the polish is dry, finish with a top coat to keep that pedi perfect.

Now you're ready for summer! Well, your feet are, at least...

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