Naomi Watts attends the opening ceremony of the 68th Cannes Film Festival, May 13.

Naomi Watts: get her Cannes red carpet French Twist!

by Samantha Hunt -

With the Opening Ceremony of the 68th Cannes Film Festival last night (May 13), we had our eyes on L'Oréal Paris ambassador Naomi Watts and her radiant red carpet beauty look! Dressed in a shimmering silver Elie Saab gown with a feathered skirt and sparkling beaded bodice, she really started the Cannes festivities with a bang. Always one of our red carpet favorites, the Australian actress looked flawlessy fresh-faced in this naturally glowing beauty look and perfectly styled updo - providing the French Twist to this glittering evening.

A French Twist for Cannes

The French Twist is such a romantic, red carpet style: a true Cannes classic! Sophisticated and effortlessly chic, Naomi's golden twist is the ultimate glamour statement to complement the rest of her red carpet look.

Read on for our easy guide to get Naomi's smooth updo...

Get the look

Step one

Wash and towel dry your hair before combing thoroughly to get your hair smooth and ready to style. Massage volumizing mousse into the roots and spritz thoroughly with heat protection spray.

Step two

Dry your hair using a round brush and a blowdryer to lock in the volume whilst keeping the locks sleek and shiny.

Step three

Pull your hair straight back from all sides and leave a top sweep loose for Naomi's voluminous pomp. Pull your hair firmly back on both sides and pin in place with bobby pins slightly to the right, securing it against the scalp.

Step four

Start wrapping the end of the gathered hair around your hand, rolling it into the scalp to form in a tight twist. Use as many bobby pins as you need at this point to make sure the twist stays in place.

Step five

Tease strands free from the top of the hair and sweep back from the face with your hand to create the relaxed quiff. Fix in place with hairspray, and roll out the red carpet!

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