<span>Peta Murgatroyd at Nickelodeon's 27th Annual Kids' Choice Awards</span>

Navy blue and gold eye makeup: a bold look by Peta Murgatroyd

The Dancing with the Stars professional was spotted on the red carpet at Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards 2014 with amazing navy blue & gold eye makeup, so we decided to look a little closer...

Jive with your eyes

She's currently partnering Big Time Rush member James Maslow for the 18th season of Dancing with the Stars, and Peta Murgatroyd has built up quite a fanbase over the years! Normally it's for her dancing skills that Peta gets noticed... so we'd like to give this girl some kudos for her eye makeup!

Half Navy

If you look closely at this photo of Peta's makeup, you'll see that she's taken a navy blue eyeshadow and applied it under half of her eye, smudging out every so slightly. She's also applied the same color over half of her eyelid - on the outer side - but not gone further than the brow bone so as to keep the look chic.

Half Gold

Taking a light yellow-gold, Peta has applied the eyeshadow in the inner corner of her eyes, and blended towards the outer edge, overlapping very slightly with the blue (but not so much as to create a green mix). This brings light to her eyes, as well as making them appear larger.

Finishing touches

To bring definition to her two-tone makeup look, Peta has used a black eyeliner on her waterline, although a navy blue one might be more coherent with the color palette if you were thinking of recreating this look. Lastly, either false lashes or several coats of mascara wil give you feathery, fluttery lashes - and guaranteed dance partners all night long!

Cha cha cha!

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