<p>Barbara Palvin wore a neon orange make-up look on the red carpet during the Cannes Film Festival 2013.</p>

Neon make-up like Barbara Palvin's, how should you wear it?

by Anne Guitteny -

At the Cannes Film Festival, L'Oréal Paris ambassador Barbara Palvin made quite an entrance when she hit the red carpet with bright orange eyeshadow and a manicure to match. After that, we're 100% sure that the über-fun neon make-up trend isn't going anywhere for the time being so...

...how do you wear it?

Neon eyes

A great way of adding a bright pop of colour to your look is by applying bright eye make-up. One of the easiest ways to do so is to use a colourful eyeshadow, just like the bright orange one Barbara went for in Cannes. Blue is also a good way to go, as evidenced by the one and only Tyra Banks.

Simply sweep a bold line across your eyelid and finish with a coat of brown or black mascara, whichever you feel most comfortable with.

Neon lips

By applying a bright orange or fuchsia lipstick, your lips become the central focus of your make-up look. Such bold lipstick colours will always help you stand out from the crowd!

Top tip: NEVER pair bright orange lips with bright orange eye make-up unless your going to a fancy dress party. This will make your face seem overly busy and will just result in a neon overload.

Neon nails

Without a doubt, nail polish is the easiest way to adopt the neon make-up trend. There are a whole host of vibrant colours to choose from with just about everything from lime green to bright pink to canary yellow. Not only that, you can also pair neon nails with neon eyes OR neon lips, just make sure you choose just ONE of the two.

So whether orange is your shade of choice or green, blue, yellow, pink ect. are more up your street, start experimenting!

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