The beautiful Nicola Peltz

Nicola Peltz' graphic eye makeup: beauty tutorial

Actress Nicola Peltz chose to wear a winged eye makeup look at the Japan premiere of 'Transformers: Age Of Extinction'. This graphic beauty look may just be our favorite one we've seen her in to date. To master the winged eye look of the season, follow our step by step tutorial below.

Get the Look

Step 1. Fill in your eyebrows and prime your eye area. If you plan on wearing eye shadow, apply it before adding any liner. Applying shadow after liner will cause the liner to smudge.

Step 2. To achieve Nicola's poker straight winged look, you'll need to use either a liquid or gel liner- a pencil won't create the same sharp effect and is better for a softer look. We find it easiest to apply a smudge proof gel liner using a fine angled brush.

Step 3. Gently dip the brush into the liner, pressing both sides into the product. Scrape the brush on the side of the brush to remove any excess- too much product on the brush will result in a smudged line.

Step 4. Starting from the top inner corner of your eye, gently drag your brush along your lash line.

Keep the line as close to your lashes as possible, and ensure you follow the natural shape of your eye. As you reach the outer edge of the eye, you can angle your brush or press harder to create a slightly thicker line. This will create a doe eyed look like Nicola's.

Step 5. To create the wing, dip the tip of your brush in the liner. Simply press the brush down in the direction you want the wing to go. Your brush should be long enough to create a wing- if it's not, drag it up a little bit to extend the line. Tip- try not to blink for roughly 10 seconds. This will ensure the gel dries and doesn't smudge prematurely.

Step 6. Examine your makeup to check that both eyes match up. If they don't, simply take a q tip and lightly drag it along any imperfections until both eyes match up. Finish with several coats of mascara.

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