Nina Dobrev at The People's Choice Awards 2014

Nina Dobrev: chic sparkly nail art

We've wondered before whether to match our lipstick and our fingernails , and our lipstick and our shoes , but we've never thought about matching our nails to our dress...until now, thank you Nina Dobrev!

Nina was on great form, accepting the award for Best On-Screen Chemistry with ex Ian Somerhalder with good humor. She was considered by many to be the best-dressed star on the red carpet, and we can't help but agree. It's her nails that cinched it.

I want it too

No, not chemistry with Ian Somerhalder (join the queue), beautiful sparkly black nails of course! So here's how to copy the look:

Step 1.

Start with a base coat. This is important because, without one, when you eventually take off your nail polish you risk ending up with dark stained fingertips. Unfortunately Halloween is long gone, so you'd best protect your nails.

Step 2.

Two thin coats of black polish should be enough to provide even coverage. See how Nina's nails aren't painted at the edges? There's a reason for that here. Wait until they're dry for the last step. No, completely dry.

Step 3.

Using a sparkly top coat of your choice, you can either paint the entire nail, or just the top half. If you want nails like Nina, be untidy! Apply the polish more-or-less on the top half of the nail, and smudge a bit so the sparkles are distributed unevenly.

We can give you the nails, sure. But the Jenny Packham dress? Sorry.

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