Nina Dobrev attends a private event at Hyde Staples Center hosted by Tommy Bahama during the Taylor Swift concert on August 22 in Los Angeles.

Nina Dobrev: copy her soft Boho chic curls!

by Samantha Hunt -

If there is one thing that Nina Dobrev has that we want, it has to be her gorgeous dark, chocolate brown locks. And that is a tough call considering just how many things we love about the actress: her to-die-for wardrobe of Boho daytime style and glamorous red carpet attire; her A-list celebrity status, and her flawless good looks, to name but a few! The star of The Vampire Diaries stepped out for the Tommy Bahama private event in Los Angeles concert on August 22 with her makeup, her style and her brunette curls all perfectly on form, making us stop in our tracks yet again. How does she do it?

The style

Looking for a way to turn your daytime summer dress into more of an evening look? Well Nina has got it on point, what with teaming her blue and white Boho chic dress with a pair of cute leather ankle boots, a matching leather handbag, and a classic light-denim jacket; all topped off with a dark iron grey fedora hat. Summer festival styling meets city chic? It's a big yes from us!

The hair

And what better to team with your relaxed outfit for the evening than some gorgeous, soft curls? Here's how it's done...

Step 1

Whilst your hair is still damp from washing, massage a volumizing mousse into the roots to get the full body effect. Run a leave-in conditioner through your lengths and ends, and spritz throughout with a heat protective spray.

Step 2

Blow dry your hair without worrying about brushing it too much: this look is all about utilizing your hair's natural texture as much as possible! Once dry, give your hair another mist of heat protectant: you don't want the heat styling to dry out your curls!

Step 3

Separate your hair into a top layer and bottom layer, and clip the top layer out of the way to begin with. Use a 1.5" curling iron to create Nina's tousled and textured curls: alternate the direction that you wind the hair around the iron and don't hold it on for too long - about 10 seconds maximum will do - as you want you curls to look relaxed and natural.

Step 4

Work your way through both the top and bottom layer, curling the hair up to just above your ear level. Mist your curls with a curl defining spray and tease your locks with your fingertips for added texture. Finish with a spritz of hairspray and a cute fedora hat and you are ready to go!

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