Nina Dobrev vs Nicky Reed: lookalikes that don't dress alike

Nina Dobrev vs Nikki Reed: naughty or nice?

It's been said that Nina Dobrev and Nikki Reed look similiar for a while. But while they may share some beauty traits, their looks are worlds apart...

Both have striking chocolate locks that sweep across their foreheads in a sexy side-part; both share a lightly olive skin tone; and both have rich brown eyes. Oh, and their face shapes are pretty similar too. But styling-wise, Nina and Nikki have been going in very different directions as of late.

Let's break this down and have a look at some photos of these model-actresses:

Nikki Reed: Babydoll charm

Looking at this picture of Nikki at the Twilight Forever Fan Experience Exhibit Launch, she's so cute we want to put her in our purse and take her home. That baby blue A-line dress might be super short, but she's chosen a modest pair of black tights to keep things serious. Paired with that body posture (head tilted, sweet smile, hands clasped at front) and Nikki is more pretty-pixie than va-va-vampy .

Nina Dobrev: Seductive siren

Talking of vampy, Nina turned up the temperature at the Variety's 7th Annual Power Of Youth Event. With a nod to Elizabeth Hurley's famous safety pin dress, Nina saw red, choosing not to tone down her look with tights, instead showing off her long legs in a pair of strappy gold stilettos. She certainly knows how to make a t-shirt dress into something red-carpet worthy!

So, although these ladies might be lookalikes, they don't seem to be dressing alike at the moment. Which look do you prefer? Modest babydoll or red siren? Vote!

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