Barbara Palvin wears the Magic Nude Liquid Powder foundation, an innovative product by L'Oréal Paris.

Nude makeup : a 100% natural and smooth complexion, it is now possible!

by Sarah-Jeanne Lapointe -

Nude makeup just got really cool... because L'Oréal Paris has released a collection that is going to make everyone want to go naked!

After the successful launch of its Private Collection for TIFF 2013, featuring new earthy-colored nail varnishes and lipsticks, L'Oréal is now launching another new product that will soon become a must-have. It's called the Magic Nude Liquid Powder TM foundation. A precious new release that will shortly become one of our favorite beauty products.

The new product promises to bring its wearer flawless and soft skin.

Here's what WE love about it...

- Its evanescent texture

The Magic Nude Liquid Powder TM is extremely light, natural, and easy to apply. Put on a few drops, rub it in and you'll see the foundation fuse with your skin for a wonderful nude feeling and look. The result is a velvety complexion that still allows your skin to breathe.

- Its perfectly nude finish

The Magic Nude Liquid Powder TM offers a flawless appearance without any visible trace of foundation. It's the only way to get a good hiding power product that is still translucent.

Soooo... how do you put it on?

Apply the Magic Nude Liquid Powder TM with the tip of your fingers, just like a perfume and enjoy its subtle delicateness.

The new foundation has been in stores since July at a retail price of $18,99!

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