Turquoise ombré lashes

Ombré eyelashes with new Miss Manga colored mascara!

After having launched their extra-voluminous mascara Miss Manga, L'Oréal Paris has now come up with a colored collection: Miss Manga Goes Back to School! From neon nail polishes and bright glosses to... colored mascara! Yes, because this season it's all about summer colors like turquoise, purple and blue. In the name of beauty, our journalist decided to give ombré eyelashes a go herself!

About Ombré Lashes

Dip dye and ombré hair have long been hairstyle trends, characterized by a darker root and gradually lighter ends, giving a naturally sunkissed effect. Now the two-tone trend has moved into makeup - more specifically, our lashes. Perfect for a night out with friends, the look can be subtle or intense. When trying it yourself, make sure the shade complements your eye color first, then follow these steps...

Step one:

Start with a flawless base by using a liquid foundation, applied with a brush. Be careful to blend under the chin and around the hairline for a soft and matte complexion.

Step two:

Apply the Voluminous Miss Manga mascara in black to your lashes, from root to tip. Use zig-zag motions to avoid clumping. Apply to both upper and lower lashes.

Step three:

Now, take the colored Voluminous Miss Manga mascara of your choice. Hold the applicator at a vertical angle, and apply the mascara to the tips of your lashes. Leave the roots black. Do the same on the lower lashes.

Step four:

With an eyelash comb or a dry mascara applicator, brush through your lashes from root to tip. This will cause the colored mascara to blend slightly into the black, creating the perfect gradiated effect.

Step five:

Finish your look with a bright pop of color on your lips!

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