Holland Roden at the screening of 'Ask Me Anything' on December 17, 2014

Our hair color crush: Holland Roden's copper curls!

It's hard, but let's try not to hate Holland Roden for her long glossy coppery curls! We spotted her on December 17th at the premiere of Ask Me Anything in Beverley Hills, California, her long hair cascading down a laid-back oversized knit sweater. Whether or not she gets a little help from the (hair color) bottle, we really feel this shade is perfect on her. Here's why Holland's copper locks are our winter color crush...

The right shade of red

Warm up your winter with a hot shade of red like this orangey copper color, which looks fantastic against any autumn/winter palette. Make sure the shade suits your skin tone before coloring - it all depends on whether you have warm or cool undertones to your skin. Holland's fair skin suits shades of coral, amber and all 'earth' shades in general, which is why she looks so good with red-orange hair. If you're not sure about what shade of red would suit you, check out our celebrity hair color chart!

Long and lovely

Not only are we in love with the color of the actress' hair, we can't get enough of how long and glossy it is! With super long locks, it's not an easy task to keep the ends looking healthy and banish flyaways. It's clear that Holland takes really good care of her hair, using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, an occasional mask, and not forgetting to get a quick trim at the salon regularly. The layers that have been cut into her hair are perfect for giving life and body to her look.

Thanks for inspiring us, Holland!

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